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Are lash extensions damaging or will they make my natural lashes fall out?

What if you have any allergies?

Can I still apply eye makeup with lash extensions on?

What is the difference between classic, hybrid, and volume sets?

Will it look natural? I don't want to look like Kim K

How long do extensions last?

What is the difference between a "set" and a "fill"? and how do I know what to book?

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

When done properly with an experienced technician and proper application techniques, NO! Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes, nor do they cause them to fall out. All our technicians are extensively trained to provide the highest quality application and service. Our top priority is to keep your lash line healthy so that you can always look your best. Your technician will advise you on what is best for you and your lashes with a detailed 15-minute consultation, from finding your desired look to educating you on the different types of lash extensions. Keep in mind that your natural lashes do have a natural growth cycle. Your eyelashes shed much like the hair on your head. You can lose anywhere from 2-5 lashes per day from each eye. Meaning it's totally normal to still have some shedding, but it is not caused by the extensions themselves.


If you are concerned about getting an allergic reaction from the adhesive, you can come in and get a free patch test. Simply book an appointment for a “Free Consultation” on our website and ask for a patch test to be performed once you arrive. The patch test takes at least 24 hours before you have a reaction.

If you are allergic to adhesives such as Cyanoacrylate glues or Carbon black you will have a reaction and Lash extensions are not for you. We do not carry Acrylate glue.

Yes, you can, but absolutely no waterproof mascara. A water-based mascara can be put on top of classic extensions but not hybrid or volumes extensions such as these. Putting mascara on hybrid or volume lashes leads to your beautiful, handcrafted fans to close up into one big lash. 
Choose a water-based over oil-based makeup remover to help your lash extensions last longer. Oil is the number one NO NO with lash extensions, as they break down the medical adhesive glue and makes your lash extensions fall out faster.
For example, liquid liner is better than pencil or cream eyeliner because it dissolves in water and is easier to remove.

Please make sure that you remove your makeup at the end of the day with micellar water or another water-based makeup remover and cleanse your lashes thoroughly.

Classic sets are created with the application of one individual lash extension to one natural lash. It results in a natural, everyday look. The look is similar to if you had mascara on. This look can also be dramatic, the shorter the lash extensions the denser the look.

Hybrid sets consist of classic extensions to give a darker look and volume fans that give a fluffier fuller look. This mixer of classic and volume sets gives you the best of both worlds.

Volume sets are created with thinner lashes put together to create a fan, which is applied onto one of your natural lashes. All fans are handmade during your appointment and are customized to every one of your natural lashes. This look gives you the fullest lashes possible.

Here at XoBeauty we customize your lash extensions to as natural or dramatic as you would like.
Natural, longer lashes can hold longer extensions. If your lashes are short and fine, the technician is forced to modify the application based on what your lash can handle.
Remember, you can always change your look because as your natural lashes grow and eventually shed the extension will fall out with them. This allows you the option to change your look at your next appointment.

If used properly purchasing a lash growth serum will promote new lash growth (which means more lashes to work with).

The initial first full set of Eyelash Extensions will last for approximately 3-4 weeks before requiring a touch up. If you do not do a touch up within 2-3 weeks after the initial application, they will continue to shed and completely fall off.

Retention of your lash extensions may vary basted on where your natural lashes are in their growth cycle, your lifestyle, and the way you care for the eyelash extensions. If you have no lash extensions on you will need to book a full set! We will help customize your lash extensions to your desired look, while respecting your natural lashes.

A fill appointment is to upkeep your current lash extensions.


At a lash fill appointment, we will first remove your outgrown extensions and then refill them along with any extensions that have fallen out since the last appointment.
Fills should be booked within 2-3 weeks of your last service. Any appointments made past 3.5 weeks will automatically be considered a full set.

Arrive without any eye makeup, or oils around your eye area. Having no makeup on before your service will minimize the clean-up time and allow more time for applying lash extensions.
Do not curl your lashes with a lash curler or wear mascara the day of your appointment.
If you've done a lash lift recently, make sure that it has been at least a week before you book a lash extension appointment. If you've only done a lash tinting, please wait 3 days before you do a lash extension service.
Do your research and have an idea of what style, shape and look you are wanting to achieve! Keep in mind that your eye shape, lash thickness and fullness are all unique.
We will do our best to achieve the look you want.

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